Accept Donations Bitcoin and USDT

Offer Your Donors Bitcoin and USDT

accept donation with bitcoin and usdt
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You don't need Hard Processes or API to Collect Donations With Crypto, Everything Is So Easy.

To receive crypto donations with, you only need to create a link.You can receive donations by sending the link you created by typing your public key and donation amount, or you can use the buttons we have prepared for you.

Sample Donation Link Scheme:

Our donation system works like a kind of wrapper for our create_invoice endpoint. You can create a link by just entering the public key and the amount of donation you want, everything else is selected on your behalf. If you want to make changes to the default values, you can use our create_invoice document.

For example, let's say we want to write a title and description for our donation page and we want to choose Euros(default USD) as our currency Our url should be: More Cup Of Coffee&description=Your Description

Or You can redirect your doner after a succesfull donation your "Thank You Page" you should add &success_url=yourthankyoupage tou your links, for all details review or Dev page.