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How to accept crypro currencies on Shopify step by step via Payid19

Shopify is a complete commerce platform that lets anyone start, grow, manage, and scale a business. It enables businesses to build an online store, market to customers, and accept payments across multiple sales channels and locations—all in one place

#Step 1: Create a custom app and install

Go to Apps and sales channels in the settings.

Go to Develop apps

Go to API credentials and click on Configure Admin API scopes

Give permissions to read and change orders and save. This is necessary to change statuses

Next, install the application using the Install app button

#Step 2: Add Payid19 a payment method from manual payments

Go to Payments section in settings

Go to Manual payment methods and select Create custom payment method

Create a payment method. The name of the method must contain the word Payid19 for it to work.

#Step 3: Add the script you received from Payid19 to the checkout page.

Go to Checkout section in settings

Go to Settings section, click Shopiy Button and copy the code from with copy Button

Go down to the Order status page section and paste the code


That's it, now you can start selling your products safely with crypto currencies.

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