Paiyd19Wp Self Hosted Wordpress Plugin

What is Payid19Wp?

Payid19Wp is a self-hosted, open source Wordpress Woocommerce payment gateway plugin where you can receive payments with crypto.


Payid19Wp is a WordPress Woocommerce plugin that allows you to accept payments with cryptocurrency. You can receive payments via APIs without running the core(node) of any cryptocurrency. Payid19Wp supports Bitcoin Bitcoin, Eth Ethereum, BNB BNB, TRX TRX coins and USDT USD Tether, BUSD BUSD, USDC USDC, TUSD TUSD stable tokens on TRC20, ERC20 and BEP20 networks.

Getting Started

When the created shopping carts are converted into orders, Payid19Wp asks your customers who want to pay with cryptocurrency which cryptocurrency they want to pay with. According to your customers' choices, it shows them the wallet addresses registered in your system and the amounts they need to pay, and checks whether the payment has been received during the order. If the payment for the requested amount is received, the order is marked as "Completed". Notifies you of overpayments or underpayments.

API's,,, APIs are required, You need to be a member to use these APIs. The free versions of the APIs are sufficient for beginner and medium-sized sites. Instant fees for cryptocurrencies are received on a minute-by-minute basis from and Binance's public APIs (no membership required). If you sell your products in a currency other than USD, API code is required. (If you sell in USD, it is not required) If you want to use Telegram push notifications, Telegram Bot Token code and Chat ID are required. Additionally, Payid19WP Purchase Code/License Code is required for the system to work correctly.

For the security of your site and your cryptocurrencies, never use Warez software.

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Wallet Addresses Management

Payid19Wp needs wallet addresses to receive payments. You can add the addresses manually (recommended) or you can use the addresses created just for you from Payid19 servers automatically by obtaining them via Payid19Wp Plugin (Payid19 servers do not give the addresses given to you to others and do not save them).

There are three different address types in Payid19Wp:

Payment receiving addresses: These are the addresses shown to users to receive payments.
Feeder Addresses: These are the addresses used to transfer the fee required for the transfer of tokens. Feeder addresses can also be used as main wallets.
Main address: These are the main addresses where the tokens arriving at the payment receiving addresses are collected.

Getting Addresses

You can enter your wallet addresses manually. After entering the Addresses section via the plugin, you can add your addresses manually via the opened modal by clicking the Add Addresses Manually button. Depending on the density of your site, adding an average of 20-30 addresses for each network and coin will be enough to start.

If you do not want to enter the addresses manually, Payid19Wp automatically takes 20 addresses from the Payid19 servers for the coin selected on the Checkout page and saves them in your database.

You can also enter the main wallet and feeder addresses manually.Feeder addresses and Main Wallet addresses are found in the Main Wallets tab.
Feeder addresses are used to transfer the fee required for the transfer of tokens.
Main wallet addresses are the addresses where all incoming payments are collected.
You can also use feeder addresses as main wallet addresses.
If you do not want to enter the Feeder and main wallet addresses manually, Payid19Wp automatically takes from the Payid19 servers when you click "Get Main Address From Payid19 Servers" button.

Collecting Payments

Payid19Wp can collect your payments in your main wallet address thanks to the Flow service, which can be enabled/disabled via Dashboard.
When using the Flow feature, the private key of the payment address and the feeder address are sent to Payid19 servers(addresses and private keys are not recorded by Payid19 servers.)
Stable coins such as USD Tether, USDC, BUSD and TUSD require some fee (gas, energy, etc.) for transfer, You need to keep some Coins in the feeder addresses.
Ether is required to transfer tokens using the ERC20 network, BNB is required to transfer tokens using the BEP20 network, and TRX is required to transfer tokens using the TRC20 token.
Payid19Wp takes enough fees from your feeder addresses and transfers them to the payment receiving addresses on your behalf.
You can managing Main Wallet address, Feeder address and collect payments manually and using applications such as Metamask, Tronlink, Bluewallet, TrustWallet without using the Flow feature.

What is Margin Ratio?

Since users who want to receive payments with cryptocurrency usually transfer money from exchanges, they may sometimes send incomplete payments.
By using the Margin Ratio feature, you can accept payments that are incomplete enough to not cause you losses, and your customers will have a better experience.

If you enter USDT TRC20 1 in the Margin Ratio section when you want to receive a payment of 100 dollars, the order will be processed as Completed even if the payment is 99 dollars.
Another Example:
You want to receive a payment of 100 dollars and you set BTC 0.0001 in the Margin Ratio section. After 100 dollars is converted to BTC, even if 0.0001 BTC is missing, it is considered successful and the order is recorded as 'Complated'.

Request Extra Fee

You can charge your customer more for the coins you want.

If you write 5 in the Request extra fee for USDT section, 105 USDT will be requested from your client for a $100 deposit.

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